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About Us

Let’s face it, no matter how good we look in our riding jacket, pants, and boots, we may not always look as cool as we think when we are out on our favorite ride.
The biker has always had a cool image, but when the cool breeze blows your pants up to your knees during a ride…it’s anything but “cool.” Having the wind blow your pant legs over your boots and up your legs is not only annoying…it is also uncomfortable and can be a major distraction, especially on the open highway.
As a result, Faärken, developed the original Biker Stirrups back in 2003. This proven design was the first and is still the best!
We are located in Cheshire, CT and our products are proudly made in the USA. We are committed to customer service and to making your riding experience as enjoyable as possible.

About the Product

About Us

Faärken proudly offers the original Biker Stirrups and Bootlickers.

Both products work by securing the bottom of the pant leg to your boots or shoes.
Faärken Biker Stirrups secure the bottoms of your pant legs with clips and an elastic
strap that fit underneath the boots or shoes with a raised heel. Bootlickers secure
your pant legs by hooking the “m” clip into your laces. Stop constantly adjusting
your pants while riding, and ride in style!

The Biker Stirrups are made with a durable, elastic strap and include a metal Triglide
adjuster to fit every shoe size. Both the Stirrups and Bootlickers use the same
high-quality clips and are available with over 25 different Concho Designs.



Enjoy the ride!